Since Alan’s engagement with the Company in early 2013 it would be fair to say we have revolutionised the Company’s Health & Safety practices.
As we had recently arrived at the new site we made the decision to archive virtually all Health and Safety documentation and start afresh with a new Health & Safety manual , constructed on a similar basis to that of an ISO quality / environmental manual. This approach has provided us with an up to date system which is easy to amend when required and also starts the integration process with other associated systems, which Alan is also appropriately engaged with.
Unlike other consultants that just conduct an audit and provide the client with a ‘to do list’, Alan’s USP is that he works in the business with your staff and delivers solutions as part of the team, as a result of this and Alan’s approachable nature, knowledge about what ‘actually happens’ is increased greatly, allowing us to influence change before we have an issue

Site Director (manufacturing company) Devon