Display Screen Equipment

The Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment Regulations

These Regulations require employers to assess all computer workstations to ensure health and safety risks are identified and effectively minimised. The Regulations stipulate that employees who use display screen equipment (DSE) in their work must be able to periodically take adequate breaks or changes of activity from using display screen equipment (DSE). Employees are also entitled to request eyesight tests. Employers must also provide health and safety training and information about working with DSE to employees. The Regulations also set out requirements for display screens, keyboards, work desks or work surfaces and chairs as well as environmental factors such as providing adequate arrangements for space and lighting. In addition, the software and tasks carried out by an operator or user of a computer must be appropriate to both the task being undertaken and the knowledge of the operator or user.

Who is a user? For how long do they need to be looking at a screen to be classed as a user? What do you do about eye tests and glasses? These are just some of the questions I can help you answer regarding these regulations.

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