What I Offer

What I offer

There are many different ways that small companies deal with Health and Safety. Some do nothing, others employe a full-time employee, and others buy in the service. Some of these sell different packages that might not be relevant to what the company needs or can afford.

My approach is to work with the owner, director or manager and employees to give the business what it requires. This could be General Risk Assessments, Fire, COSHH, display screen equipment assessments or any one of all the other rules and regulations that affect that particular company.

I also have access to an informative training package and would use this as a training tool to be tailored around the specific needs of your company.

I can offer everything from simple, easy to explain advice through to a full audit of the company and would be happy to meet with you and give you an initial free wander-around assessment. Because of this approach I would hope to build a relationship with the business that was long term but very cost effective.

I have no issues with coming in to a company and doing a one-off piece of work, such as an accident investigation or RIDDOR reporting if required. Through working with the people that know their own business very well I would plan to put in everything from a simple, easy to manage system and paperwork through to a complete management system for H&S. This could be an intensive time spent over a very short time scale or a much longer time span - one every month, quarter or even annually.

I can offer small companies a very cost effective approach because I charge per hour and have no minimum or call out fees.

I am based in the South West and have no problem with going in to a company to sort out an unforeseen small issue or problem. What I would hope is that through this approach the owner, director can spend their time doing what they're good at, ie selling or making something, and leaving the issue of Health and Safety to someone who is doing it all the time.

I would be happy to meet you or your can contact me be either phone or e-mail to discuss your company's specific requirements.

Please call me on 0791 3011 665